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How does the Contact Management differ between the old and new portals?

There are some key differences between the old and new platforms when It comes to contact management, specifically when it comes to managing contact groups.


In the old portal, contact information was limited to names and contact numbers; whereas the new portal allows you to capture a broader spectrum of information, including email, country, location, date of birth – and three additional fields for custom information that can be used to personalise your messages.

When it comes to contact groups, the old platform required you to add a duplicate contact profiles for each group to which you wanted your contact to be added. It was also not possible to view contact groups without running an export into an Excel spreadsheet.

In the new platform, a single contact profile can be assigned to multiple groups without needing to be duplicated, and contact groups can be viewed in the portal. When editing contact groups, each contact can be either removed from the group, or deleted altogether – and it’s important to understand the difference between these two options. Removing a contact from a group does just that – but this action does not delete the contact record from your contact list.

Deleting a contact from within any contact group will delete the contact record from your contact list, so make sure that anyone who uses the system for your organisation is clear on the purpose of these two functions.