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How does the SMS Merge function differ between the old and new portals?

There are some key differences between the old and new platforms when it comes to SMS merges.


In the old portal, SMS Merge was a separate feature in the menu, and required your contact database to be in a specific order with the mobile number in the leftmost column before uploading or pasting into the recipient box. Once your contact data had been entered, the merge fields were presented as nondescript field names on the right-hand side, with content examples to help you identify them.

In the new platform, while it is only possible to paste mobile numbers into the recipient field, full contact databases can be uploaded as either a CSV or XLS file with the data columns in any order.

As well as automatically detecting mobile numbers, the system will pick up the column labels from the top row of the spreadsheet and present them as named fields as you’re writing your message.

The phone preview image on the right will update in real time, showing you how your message will present, so you can be sure that you’re using the correct fields in the right place.

The new platform also allows you to save additional custom information in your contact profiles to use as merge fields in your messages when sending to saved contacts.