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How does the Unsubscribe function differ between the old and new portals?

There are some key differences between the old and new web portals when it comes to unsubscribing contacts

In the old platform, when a contact was unsubscribed, either manually or by opting out, their record was automatically deleted from all relevant contact lists. This meant that if the contact should wish to resubscribe, then a new record would have to be created for every contact group of which they were originally a part. It also meant that if you were creating new contact groups from imported data files, you'd first need to go through each data source and remove all unsubscribed contacts before importing.

When a contact is unsubscribed in the new portal, their record is not deleted – instead it is “hidden” from all broadcasts, meaning it is not possible to send a message to contacts that are in an unsubscribed state:

Should a contact then wish to re-subscribed, simply change their subscription status in the contact profile, and they will instantly be able to receive messages as part of any contact groups in which they were originally included.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about removing unsubscribed contacts from external data files when importing, because the web portal will automatically disallow duplicate contacts from being imported as a default setting:

Even with this feature disabled, the new platform still knows when a duplicate number is unsubscribed elsewhere in your contact list, and will prevent messages from being sent to it.