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Why has my message failed to send?

There are times that you may send a SMS to a recipient and it is not received. This can be for a number of different reasons, and it is always best to consulting our detailed reporting section to see delivery information and check the delivery status of your messages

Is the message showing as delivered?

If a SMS is showing as delivered but the end recipient has reached out and said it hasn't, this could be an issue with the receiving handset. We recommend following the handset manufacturer's instructions for restarting and power cycling the phone, as well as the connection to local carriers. If it the message is still not displaying on the handset after doing this, please reach out to our support team on

Is the message showing as rejected or failed?

In the detailed reporting you can add an additional column for "Reason Description" & "Reason Code" that will provide some more insight on the specific reason for the message being rejected. 

Common reasons for rejected messages are:

1. You have hit your daily SMS limit (if so, contact your Account Administrator to increase if needed)

2. The destination number is unsubscribed/opted out. Check the relevant regulatory requirements around resubscribing a recipient before doing so (you may be required to obtain a written request from a recipient to be resubscribed to your messages).

3. The message was blocked due to filtering. This could be due to using reserved words or source address in our Gateway.


Common reasons for failed messages are:

1. Attempting to send to an invalid or disconnected number

2. Attempting to send to a landline number

3. A temporary carrier delivery issue to the handset

How you can minimise the risk of failed messages


You can reach out to the support team at for further clarification on status codes