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A webhook (or callback) enables our platform to ping your application with information about a given event (such as a new inbound SMS received). This happens in real-time, allowing you to leverage the platform to create your own 2-way messaging solutions by sending SMS via the API, and processing any responses via Webhooks.

You can find examples of Webhook templates in this article

Setting up Webhooks

Common events that you will want to listen to:

To create a webhook, log-in, and go to Configuration > Webhooks and select "New Webhook":

Set up the basics of your webhook:

Next, specify any headers you would like to present in your request. To add additional header rows, simply click “Add Header”:

Next, specify the content to be passed in the content of the request to the specified endpoint.
A good default to specify would be the following:













Finally, click “Save Webhook” in the bottom right of the screen.

In this example, we created a webhook that will POST to when you receive a SMS, as a JSON request with the following information in the JSON body: id, accountId, sourceAddress, destinationAddress, messageContent, replyContent.