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Adding and Removing contacts from Groups

Adding Contacts to a Group

To add an existing contact to a group, simply open the contact profile by going to Contacts > All Contacts and searching for the contact you wish to add:

Click on the phone number of the contact to open the contact information screen.

Once there, simply type the name of the contact group to which you wish to add this contact in the "Groups" field:

You can enter more than one contact group name if you want this contact to be assigned to multiple groups:

Removing Contacts from a Group

There are a couple of ways you can remove contacts from a group

1) Delete the group name from the contact information

2) Remove the contact from within the group list

Do this by going to Contacts > contact Groups and selecting the group from which the contact is to be removed:

If you want to remove contacts one at a time, simply click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the contact, and select "Remove from group" from the resulting menu:

To remove contacts in bulk, simply click in the selection box to the left of each contact you wish to remove. Upon doing this, a new button "Remove from Group" will appear alongside "Export Contacts" - click this to remove the selected contacts from the group:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Clicking "Remove from Group" will not delete the contacts from the main contact list - just from this group. Be careful not to click "Delete" as this option WILL delete the contacts from the main contact list!