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Viewing Reports

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Sent message logs can be viewed in Detailed Reports by navigating to Reports > Detailed Reports

Steps to report on sent messages:

  1. Select a date range (up to 12 months) by clicking on the date at the top of the page.
    • Select a start and end date within a 12 month range OR select from one of the predefined datequick links
  2. Select the status (or select all statuses) of the messages you wish to be included in the report
  3. Select the contact (if desired) to whom the targeted messages were sent
  4. Click on Apply Filters

You can leave fields blank to include all values within each parameter; however, a date range is always required


Message Logs

The message logs are split into two tabs - Outbound and Inbound messages. The default table columns (underlined in the list below) can be added to using the column chooser dropdown providing additional message data.

Outbound Table - detailed table with all outbound messages

Inbound Table - detailed table displaying all inbound messages