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Sending Messages

There are a few different methods that can be used to send messages in the Web Portal depending on your needs. Let's take a look...

Quick Message

Just like sending a message from your own handset, Quick Message is an easy way to send ad hoc messages fast!

You will find a Quick Message link in the header bar of every page so it's always one click away.

It contains two simple fields:

  1. To - type a mobile number, contact name or group name – or combination
  2. Compose - type your message. The character count and credits are calculated as you type

Once you’re finished, simply hit Send now and your message will be processed! Simple!

Helpful Tips:

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"New Message" with preview

In the left-hand menu, click "Messaging" and then "New Message":

First, choose your sender ID:

Next, enter the recipient number(s), contact name(s) or group name(s) in the recipient field:

Now, compose your message in the "Message Content" field. You will see that as you type, the message preview on the right will update in real-time:

When you are happy with your message, click "Send"

Helpful Tips:

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Sending to a List of Numbers

To send the same message content to a large list of numbers, go to Messaging > New Message:

There are a few different ways you can add multiple numbers:

  1. Paste Numbers

If you have a list of numbers in a spreadsheet, you can copy them directly from the spreadsheet and paste them into the “To” field:

2. Add Contacts / Groups

3. Import from file

Next, compose your message in the “Message Content” field. You can also add an opt-out message by clicking the “Opt-out message” button in the top right of the dialogue box.

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Important things to remember

If your messages are not sending correctly, check these important things to see if there are any errors with your broadcast:

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