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How to view sent messages

You can view a summary of sent messages and broadcasts for quick and easy reference and tracking.

Go to Messaging and then Sent

You will then see a list of all sent messages and broadcasts along with various information as follows:

  1. Broadcast Name - If you named your broadcast when sending, the name will appear in this column - otherwise you will see the date and time the message was sent. Clicking on the broadcast name will take you to the broadcast summary screen
  2. Recipients - this is the number of contacts who successfully received the message
  3. Content - here you will see one line of the message. To view the full content, hover your mouse pointer over the partial content
  4. Send Date - the date and time the message was sent (note - this is not necessarily when the message was received by each recipient)
  5. Send From - this shows which number from which the message was sent (default is "system allocated")
  6. Status - This shows the status of the message (e.g. sent, cancelled etc.)